Verticals & Accessories

InstantLock 2 Verticals

The InstantLock 2 Verticals are designed to work with the InstantLock Horizontals.

DescriptionEffective Length (IN)Overall Length w/ Pin (IN)Tube Length (IN)Weight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
Vertical Coupling Pin11.51.8IL2CP
InstantLock 2 Starter Collar1318186.8IL2SC
1'-7" InstantLock 2 Vertical19.6625.6919.669IL2VP19
3’-3” InstantLock 2 Vertical39.3541.4339.3515.5IL2VP39
4’-11” InstantLock 2 Vertcal59.0465.0659.0421.5IL2VP59
6’-6” InstantLock 2 Vertical78.7384.7478.7328.5IL2VP78
8’-2” InstantLockv2 Vertical98.42104.4398.4234IL2VP98
9’-10” InstantLock 2 Vertical118.11124.11118.1141IL2VP118

Casters can save money by allowing a single scaffold to roll through an area that would normally require multiple scaffolds.

DescriptionWheel TypeWeight (LBS)Rolling Load (LBS)Stock #
8" Caster with PinPlastic17900CR8
8" Caster – Flat BasePlastic17.5900CRF8
12" CasterPlastic2313,000CR12
Screw Jack

Screw Jacks and Swivel Base Screw Jacks provide safe foundations for scaffolding on many different types of surfaces.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Max Supported Load (LBS)Stock #
Fixed Base Screw Jack11.67,500FBJ
Fixed Base Caster Jack12.27,500FBJ2
Swivel Base Jack7.55,000SBJ
Adjustable Tube & Clamp Adapter

The adjustable tube and clamp adapter enables the vertical rosettes of one scaffold to be aligned with another scaffold built at a different elevation.

DescriptionWeightMax Load at 12" (LBS) Stock #
Adjustable Tube & Clamp Adapter3.55,000ATCA