Vertical Diagonal Brace

Wedge head vertical diagonal bracing may be used with InstantLock 2 components.

DescriptionLength (IN)Bay Width Spacing (IN)Height Length (IN)Weight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
Brace for 3’ Wide Bay85.9367817.6RLD36
Brace for 3’-6” Wide Bay88.6427818RLD42
Brace for 4’ Wide Bay91.6487818.3RLD48
Brace for 5’ Wide Bay98.4607819.2RLD60
Brace for 6’ Wide Bay106.4727820.3RLD72
Brace for 7’ Wide Bay114.6847821.5RLD84
Brace for 8’ Wide Bay123.7967822.8RLD96
Brace for 9’ Wide Bay133.21087824.2RLD108
Brace for 10’ Wide Bay143.11207825.6RLD120
Diagonal Pin Brace

The diagonal pin brace is a multipurpose brace. It has standard swivel clamps on each end, so it can be fastened to any scaffold vertical or horizontal.

These braces are also drilled and fitted, so a standard vertical pin can be used to connect two or more braces together. This may be desirable when there is a need to brace longer structures up to 14 feet.

DescriptionSingle Post Spacing (IN)Double Post Spacing (IN)Size (IN)Weight (LBS)Stock #
Diagonal Pin Brace24-8496-16810824DPB
Short Diagonal Pin Brace368SDPB