Access Equipment


Ladders are designed for durability and ease of installation.

DescriptionSize (IN)Weight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
1' Ladder14.54.1LA1
2' Ladder268LA2
3' Ladder37.514.3LA3
4' Ladder4918.3LA4
5' Ladder60.522.2LA5
7' Ladder83.532.1LA7
8' Ladder9534LA8
9' Ladder106.536LA9
10' Ladder11842LA10
Ladder Bracket

Clamp brackets may be installed on the horizontal bars or vertical posts.

DescriptionWidth (IN)Vert. Load (LBS)Weight (LBS)Stock #
Ladder Clamp Bracket1260012.3LB3
Aluminum Ladders

Aluminum Ladders are for use in boilers and confined spaces.

DescriptionSize (IN)Weight (LBS)Stock #
10', 12" Wide Aluminum Ladder12024ALA10
5', 12" Wide Aluminum Ladder6012ALA5
3', 12" Wide Aluminum Ladder367ALA3
10', 8" Wide Aluminum Ladder120228-ALA10
5', 8" Wide Aluminum Ladder60118-ALA5
3', 8" Wide Aluminum Ladder366.58-ALA3
Expansion Pin for Aluminum Ladder7.52.5AEP
Snow Ladders & Bracket

Snow ladders provide a greater non-slip tread for use in snow, ice or other slippery conditions.

Rugged, extra-grip rungs help prevent slips.

DescriptionSize (IN)Weight (LBS)Stock #
5' Snow Ladder60.519.5SLA5
3' Snow Ladder37.510.5SLA3
Snow Ladder Bracket3SLB1
Ladder Cage

Ladder cage accessories allow ladder cages to be added to most scaffold ladders.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Stock #
Ladder Cage Hoop10LC
Snow Ladder Cage Hoop12SLC
Ladder Cage 3/4 Hoop Left9LC3/4-L
Ladder Cage 3/4 Hoop Right9LC3/4-R
Snow Ladder Cage 3/4 Hoop Left11SLC3/4-L
Snow Ladder Cage 3/4 Hoop Right11SLC3/4-R
Ladder Cage Brace 4'3.5LCB4
Ladder Cage Brace 2'1.8LCB2
Stair System

Stair systems are designed to provide safe access for scaffolds. Stairs can be designed using side brackets or multi-bay scaffolds. Stairs are designed for 30-, 36- and 42-inch widths. All boards are self-locking, no wiring is required.

DescriptionWeight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
7' Stair Stringer44.1SSS7
30" Stair Tread11.7SST30
36" Stair Tread13.9SST36
42" Stair Tread16.5SST42
Handrails (Pin Removed or Snap Button Unlocked)24.8DSB
Safety Gate

Safety gates are designed to provide safe access for scaffolds and can be installed on any 36-inch wide scaffold bay. For greater versatility, the safety gate is equipped with clamps and designed to fit all types of scaffolding.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Stock #
Safety Gate w/ Clamps21SG2
Right-Angle Brace

Right-angle braces can be used to support a stand-off (90-degree) ladder access.

Right-angle braces can be used for ladder additions or bracing on scaffolds with casters.

A right-angle brace is used to ensure the scaffold stays square or to provide additional corner support for the
end connectors.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Stock #
Right-Angle Brace3.5RAB
Heavy-Duty Gate Post

The InstantLock 2 heavy-duty gate post is used to create a custom-width swing gate opening for access.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Stock #
InstantLock 2 Heavy-Duty Gate Post25IL2HDGP
Gate Adapter

The InstantLock 2 gate adapter is used to create a custom-width swing gate opening for access.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Stock #
InstantLock 2 Gate Adapter21.4IL2GA