Steel Planks

The Steel Plank is a metal walkboard for decking.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Uniform Load (LBS)Center Load (LBS)Stock #
6" x 2' Plank10.52716006SP24
6" x 3' Plank12.92716006SP36
6" x 3.5' Plank14.52325466SP42
6" x 4' Plank16.12135206SP48
6" x 5' Plank19.41854806SP60
6" x 6' Plank22.61053886SP72
6" x 7' Plank25.91003226SP84
6" x 8' Plank27.7932846SP96
6" x 9' Plank32.4692506SP108
6" x 10' Plank35.8582336SP120
9"x 2' Plank11.5271600SP24
9"x 3' Plank16271600SP36
9"x 3.5' Plank18232546SP42
9"x 4' Plank18.8213520SP48
9"x 5' Plank23.5185480SP60
9"x 6' Plank28.5105388SP72
9"x 7' Plank 30.5100322SP84
9"x 8' Plank37.593284SP96
9"x 9' Plank41.569250SP108
9"x 10' Plank46.558233SP120
Aluminum Toe Boards

The aluminum toe board, with locking clips, is designed to fit all types of scaffold material. The toe board locks the scaffold boards down—eliminating the need to wire boards to the horizontals. Installation times are greatly reduced with this equipment.

DescriptionWidth (IN)Weight (LBS)Stock #
2' Aluminum Toe Board246ATB-24
3' Aluminum Toe Board368ATB-36
42" Aluminum Toe Board429ATB-42
4' Aluminum Toe Board4820ATB-48
5' Aluminum Toe Board6012ATB-60
6' Aluminum Toe Board7213.5ATB-72
7' Aluminum Toe Board8415.5ATB-84
8' Aluminum Toe Board9617.5ATB-96
9' Aluminum Toe Board10819.5ATB-108
10' Aluminum Toe Board12021ATB-120
Filler Plates

Filler Plates are designed to cover gaps between wood or metal boards. Filler Plates come in various lengths and have holes that allow the filler plate to be tied or nailed in place.

DescriptionWidth (IN)Weight (LBS)Stock #
Filler Plate 24"243.1FP24
Filler Plate 36"364.7FP36
Filler Plate 42"425.5FP42
Filler Plate 48"486.3FP48
Filler Plate 60"607.8FP60
Filler Plate 72"729.4FP72
Filler Plate 84"8410.9FP84
Filler Plate 96"9612.5FP96
Filler Plate 108"10814.1FP108
Filler Plate 120"12015.6FP120
Duckbill Plank

Duckbill planks (overlapping steel planks) can be used to fill gaps in decks created by obstructions. They rest on the two (2) adjacent steel planks or steel planks and bearer, thereby reducing the need for wood planking.

DescriptionWidth (IN)Overall Length (IN)Weight (LBS)Uniform Load (LBS)Center Load (LBS)Stock #
2' Duckbill Plank94212.5250500DBP24
3' Duckbill Plank95417228500DBP36
42" Duckbill Plank96019211500DBP42
4' Duckbill Plank96619.8192500DBP48
5' Duckbill Plank97824.5185480DBP60
6' Duckbill Plank99029.5105388DBP72
7' Duckbill Plank910231.5100322DPB84
8' Duckbill Plank911438.593284DBP96
9' Duckbill Plank912642.569250DBP108
10' Duckbill Plank913847.558233DBP120
6" x 2' Duckbill Plank64210.52716006DBP24
6" x 3' Duckbill Plank65412.92716006DBP36
6" x 42" Duckbill Plank66014.52325466DBP42
6" x 4' Duckbill Plank66616.12135206DBP48
6" x 5' Duckbill Plank67819.41854806DBP60
6" x 6' Duckbill Plank69022.61053886DBP72
6" x 7' Duckbill Plank610225.91003226DBP84
6" x 8' Duckbill Plank611427.7932846DBP96
6" x 9' Duckbill Plank612632.4692506DBP108
6" x 10' Duckbill Plank613835.6582336DBP120