Abatement in action

When you need safe, reliable and cost-effective abatement services, you can rely on NextGen.


In the realm of hazardous materials management, the identification and prompt mitigation of risk areas hold paramount importance. This practice not only ensures the safety of employees and the environment, but also upholds the integrity of operational processes.

As a result, organizations turn to the expertise of NextGen to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential risks. Our professionals possess the knowledge and skills to assess risk exposure and implement targeted risk mitigation strategies tailored to the specific nature of these hazards.

Furthermore, NextGen offers exceptional abatement services. Our experts are well-equipped to identify, evaluate, and safely remove hazardous materials, thereby establishing a holistic approach to hazardous materials management. Whether dealing with asbestos, lead, or other hazardous substances, our abatement services guarantee the removal and disposal of these materials in full compliance with all applicable regulations. With NextGen, you can rely on a workplace that remains safe, compliant, and  free from hazardous materials.

The commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant workplace involves strict adherence to regulatory frameworks. Moreover, our trained employees adhere rigorously to OSHA and EPA regulations, state and federal authorities, and the integration of engineering controls to ensure jobsite and employee safety.

For comprehensive risk mitigation and unwavering regulatory compliance in hazardous materials management, place your trust in NextGen. Our experts possess the capability to assess risk exposure and implement targeted strategies to ensure safety and compliance with OSHA, EPA, and state and federal regulations. Protect your employees, the environment, and the seamless operation of your business – contact us today.