Horizontals & Accessories

InstantLock 2 Horizontals

InstantLock 2 horizontals are equipped with one cable assist lever (shown in red), which releases both ends of the horizontal, and two triggers which control only that end of the horizontal.

The InstantLock 2 end connector design allows metal scaffold boards to be placed the full length of the horizontal. The horizontal is capped on the top to prevent debris from entering into the trigger locking mechanism

DescriptionVert. Post Spacing (IN)Overall Width (IN)Tube Length (IN)Weight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
2' Bearer242217.3810.5IL2PB24
36" Bearer363429.3811.5IL2PB36
3' 6" Bearer424035.5812.5IL2PB42
4' Bearer484641.3813IL2PB48
5' Bearer605853.3815.5IL2PB60
6' Bearer727065.3818IL2PB72
7' Bearer848277.3820IL2PB84
8' Ledger 969489.3821IL2HL96
9' Ledger108106101.3822IL2HL108
10' Ledger120118113.3825.5IL2HL120
Locking Intermediate Horizontal Adapter

Locking intermediate horizontal adapters and spigot clamps are used to extend legs on a suitable truss or bearer to bridge around objects.

Locking intermediate horizontal adapters, used in pairs, create a bearer at the mid-span of a bay.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Max Vert. Load (LBS)Stock #
Locking Intermediate Horizontal Adapter3.5The maximum load is based on the weakest component. Ensure decking allowance is taken into account.IL2IHAL
Spigot Clamp8.9The maximum load is based on the weakest component. Ensure decking allowance is taken into account.RLSC
Short Intermediate Horizontal Adapter

The short locking intermediate horizontal adapter is utilized to deck around a protrusion/opening that does not require a guardrail.

The short locking intermediate horizontal adapter with pin can be utilized to support a guardrail.

DescriptionWeight (LBS)Max Vert. Load (LBS)Stock #
Short Locking Intermediate Horizontal Adapter4.5The maximum load is based on the weakest component. Ensure decking allowance is taken into account.ILSNP
Short Locking Intermediate Horizontal Adapter with Pin7The maximum load is based on the weakest component. Ensure decking allowance is taken into account.ILSWP
Side Brackets

Side brackets provide an easy way to secure knee-outs from 2-3 feet.

DescriptionWidth (IN)Height (IN)Weight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
2' Side Bracket2419.514.5IL2SB24
3' Side Bracket3619.523.3IL2SB36
Wedge Lock Side Brackets

Wedge lock brackets provide an easy way to secure knee-outs from 1-3 boards up or up to 36 inches.

DescriptionWidth (IN)Height (IN)Weight Galvanized (LBS)Stock #
11" Board Bracket11113.6RLSB11
2-Board Bracket2419.712.5RLSB24
3-Board Bracket3428.2816.6RLSB34
36" Board Bracket3632.0815.2RLSB36
Adjustable Bearers

Adjustable bearers are designed to provide deck support between two (2) self-supporting scaffold structures where traditionally only tube and clamp could be used.

Adjustable bearers may also be used to create odd-sized scaffolds (ex: 5 feet x 6 1/2 feet).

DescriptionMin. Post Spacing (IN)Max. Post Spacing (IN)Weight (LBS)Stock #
36" to 48" Adjustable Bearer364812IL2TPB36
48" to 60" Adjustable Bearer486017IL2TPB48
60" to 72" Adjustable Bearer607220IL2TPB60
72" to 84" Adjustable Bearer728423IL2TPB72
84" to 96" Adjustable Bearer849626IL2TPB84
96" to 108" Adjustable Ledger9610832IL2THL96

Trusses provide added strength in applications where standard horizontals may not be strong enough to support the necessary loads.

DescriptionAllowable Center Load (LBS)Allowable Uniform Load (LBS)Stock #
4' Truss3,0001,500IL2TR4
5' Truss3,0001,200IL2TR5
6' Truss2,750910IL2TR6
7' Truss3,000857 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR7
8' Truss3,500875 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR8
9' Truss3,500775 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR9
10' Truss3,500700 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR10
12' Truss3,500575 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR12
14' Truss3,000428 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR14
16' Truss2,000250 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR16
18' Truss2,000220 (with side stabilizers)IL2TR18
Lattice Girders

Lattice girders are static trusses used to span large distances, such as over roadways and other

DescriptionWeight Galvanized (LBS)Vert. Post Spacing (FT)Allowable Center Load (LBS)Allowable Uniform Load (LBS)Stock #
Lattice Girder 14'98143,395474RLLG14
Lattice Girder 16'109163,367387RLLG16
Lattice Girder 20'143202,225285RLLG20
Lattice Girder 21'147211,655250RLLG21
Lattice Girder 28'200281,124152RLLG28